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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 10, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm JST

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i'm yuko aotani in tokyo. first the headlines at this hour. people in japan are feeling the impact of a severe tropical storm that's made landfall triggering landslides and flooding. israeli forces are carrying out intensive strikes on the gaza strip in retaliation to attacks on their territory. and china's grand pollution is providing opportunities as
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entrepreneurs launch soil cleaning businesses. weather officials in japan are preparing people to be ready for more rain. as a severe tropical storm churns off the coast. it made landfall earlier in the day. it is being blamed for three deaths. the storm has soaked southern and central communities triggering landslides and flooding. weather officials say it is traveling east. they say it will keep moving along the southern coast. they forecast some areas will receive as much as 80 millimeters of rain per hour. authorities atwo of the three victims died after falling into irrigation ditches. more than 40 others have been injured. the storm has destroyed at least ten homes and flooded 400 others. government officials have issued evacuation advisories for more than 2 500 households. people living in roughly 6,000 households don't have any electricity. residents of some towns watched and worried as rain fell
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hour after hour. all that water caused part of a hillside in nagano to give way. >> reporter: you could hear it coming. then, this. a torrent of mud rushed down a hillside scattering uprooted trees and dirt and coating a community. >> translator: the house shook violently. i thought it was an earthquake. i opened the window and saw earth and sand rush into the house. so i held on to a pillar. >> reporter: municipal officials say the mudslide washed away a house. a mother and her three sons were inside. one of the boys died. the officials say debris spilled over the banks of another mountain river in the same town. some homes were damaged.
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people who took shelter in a local elementary school didn't sleep well. over breakfast, they watched tv to get updates on the impact of the storm. >> translator: we've suffered serious damage. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: officials have started onsite investigations to find out the extent of the damage. >> translator: i'm saddened by the loss of the 12-year-old child. we have to do everything we can and take all appropriate measures to ensure the safety of residents. >> reporter: authorities are warning people to stay on guard for the coming days. kurando tago, nhk world.
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let's find out the latest on this storm, neoguri from mai shoji who is standing by at the weather desk. >> neoguri is now a severe tropical storm. you can see the eye definition not clear at all and the cloud formation not clear. it is now moving at the speed of 35 kilometer per hour moving in an easterly direction moving over to the kanto region. kanto will see stormy conditions starting this evening. it's still packing wind speed of 90 kilometers per hour around the center. but no matter how winds will die down it's going to be the drenching rain and the surge of that humid air is flowing into the rainy season band over northern japan and this is why it is creating copious amounts
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of rainfall. we're talking about 400 millimeters again in and around shizuoka and 200 over hokkaido due to the rain band moving to the north. and additional amounts could top 150 millimeters on top of the 200 millimeters i just mentioned. after the storm system, the drenching rain will be clearing up and then comes the heat. i'll talk about that more in the later half of the program. even as the storm dumps rain in japan, southwest china is being drenched. dozens of people have been left dead or missing.
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16 people are dead or missing. another mudslide swept away houses in a destination of daly killing six people and leaving eight missing. a search and rescue team has been sent to the province. israeli forces are bombarding the gaza strip. residents of the occupied territory have seen air strike after air strike over the last two days. hospital officials in gaza say 43 people have been killed and more than 430 wounded. israelis and palestinians blame each other for the violence. israeli commanders launched the offensive to stop rocket attacks from inside gaza. they bombed more than 500 sites. the targets include the homes of the leaders of the islamic resistance movement, hamas. israeli officials say more than 70 rockets from gaza have landed
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on their territory but they have not reported any casualties. egyptian mediators are trying to arrange a cease fire. but the political leader of hamas blames the israelis for the latest fighting and he says he will not agree to a truce unless they stop their attacks. israeli commanders have warned of a lengthy campaign. and they have mobilized thousands of soldiers along the gaza border. sunni extremists are entrenched in several key cities and are fighting to grab more land. militants seized the second largest city of mosul a month ago. the militants are hanging on. the insurgency is edging closer to the capital. militant fighters battled in baquba, members of the kurdish
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minority are seizing their opportunity. last month they took over the city city city of kir kuk. nuri al-maliki criticized the qu kurdss on television. joe biden is trying to convince the kurds leader -- u.s. leaders back the iraq leader in their fight against the militants. iraqi lawmakers will resume talks aimed at forming a national unity government. managers at companies across japan have looked into the future and they're cautious about what is ahead. the latest numbers show they are holding back on reinvesting in their businesses.
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managers ordered $6.7 billion worth of equipment. officials at the cabinet office say that's down 19.5% from the previous month. and the largest monthly decline ever. the figures do not include orders for ships and from electric power companies because they fluctuate too much. orders from manufacturers were down more than 18%. those from non-manufacturers were down by about the same margin. most analysts had expected to see managers place more orders. but those at the cabinet office say the growth trend has come to a stand still. consumers in japan could end up paying more for the things they want and need. the prizes of goods traded among companies in japan rose 4.6% in june from a year ago. that's the biggest increase in nearly six years. officials at bank of japan say the increase in april of the consumption tax pushed up prices on a range of products and the
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fighting around oil fields in iraq has driven up the price of crude. so businesses are pay more for gasoline and diesel. bank officials looked at what prices would have been without the hike in the consumption tax and prices still would have risen 1.7%. many companies pass prices on to consumers. so some could see changes at the checkout counter. central bankers have propped up the u.s. economy for years buying up billions of dollars of bonds every month. but policy makers agree it may be time to end their stimulus program. and they're taking steps to unwind it. members of the federal open market committee released their minutes of their meeting in june. they have been reducing bond purchases by $10 billion every month. but the minutes said if the economy goes as they expect, the final reduction would occur following the october meeting. they've also been keeping key interest rates near zero. they agreed they'll keep that
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policy in place for now but they said it would be useful for the committee to develop and communicate its plans to the public later this year. the editors of the "fortune magazine have compiled their list of the world's 500 biggest companies and included more chinese firms than ever before. "fortune" we leased the global 500 list of the top-ranked firms by revenue. the u.s. had the most with 128 companies. china came in second place with six more companies than last year. three chinese firms made the top ten. that's the most of all the countries. oil and gas producer -- group ranked thirty and china national petroleum was fourth. state grid was seventh.
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argentina has advanced to the final of the world cup for the first time in 24 years. the argentines faced off against the dutch for the right to play germany. no one scored during regular time and it was still scoreless after extra time. but the argentines won 4-2 on penalties. defenders managed to keep some of the best attackers in the world at bay. leonel messi tried but couldn't get past the netherlands's wall. the deadlock appeared to end in the 75th minute. the shot slammed into the net, but the goal was ruled offside. the dutch also struggled to build attacks. robben was among those frustrated by the argentine defenders. after 120 minutes the match went into a penalty shootout.
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argentina goalkeeper romero saved two dutch penalties. the argentines got all four of their shots into the net. people have been celebrating in the capital buenos aires. argentina soccer fans shed tears and danced in the streets. meanwhile dutch fans were devastated by the loss. come gathered in the rain outside a stadium in amsterdam. their dream of seeing a world cup victory was dashed. argentina will face the germans in the final for the third time. they are going for a third title, germany, a fourth. the dutch will take on the host
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brazilians on saturday in a battle for third place. james rodriguez is still the tournament's top scorer with six goals. thomas mueller of germany is in second place with five. brazilians are still reeling from their 7-1 thrashing against germany in the semifinal on tuesday. a small number of them have turned violent. local media say at least 20 buses have been torched in sao paulo. smoke was seen rising from the vehicles after the match. the media say some soccer fans may be venting their anger on the city. there are reports of skirmishes and disorder among angry fans at a soccer event on copacabana beach. police say they arrested at least 20 people. and another team dumped from the tournament is dealing with the bitter aftermath. nigeria has been suspended from international competition by fifa. the world soccer governing body took action after nigeria's government fired the football
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leaders in apparent revenge for failing to bring home the world cup. the ban means all nigerian teams including club teams are banned from playing internationally. the impact will be felt soon. if the suspension stays, nigeria is out of the under 20 women's world cup which starts on august the 5th. nigeria's football federation was dissolved after the national team returned from brazil. the federation's president was then barred from running the country's soccer affairs. nigeria was stopped in the second round of the tournament. one of japan's biggest baseball stars will be sidelined for the major league all-star game. the new york yankees have placed their pitcher masahiro tanaka is on the disabled list suffering from an inflamed elbow. he gave up ten hits and five earned runs on tuesday in the
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yankee's 5-3 loss to the cleveland indians. doctors in new york have examined his pitching arm and they've placed him on the 15-day disabled list. tanaka has posted 12 wins and received a call up for the all-star game next week. koji uehara from the boston red sox will replace him. it will be his first appearance as an all-star in his six seasons in the major leagues. people in china have been struggling with record levels of pollution as a result of industrial growth and recently their government announced plans to combat contaminated soil and entrepreneurs are hoping to cash in. >> reporter: residents of the eastern china city of hangzhou
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noticed a new piece of architecture. massive white dome. it cost $2 million. it stands on the former site of an agriculturalal chemical and pesticide factory. the building was demolished in 2009. but the soil was found to be highly toxic. workers have begun decontamination. the purpose of the dome is to contain the dust and the foul smell. >> translator: i pass by here every day and it really stinks. >> translator: i hope they get rid of the stench as soon as possible and bring it under control. >> reporter: a nationwide survey began in 2005. the results were released in april. more than 16% of farmland and
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construction sites have levels of soil pollution above the official limit. 34% of former factory sites also have polluted soil. but a lawyer who specializes in the environment says the report reflects only a fraction of the findings. >> translator: we cannot say the report this time offers an accurate description of the facts about china's current state of soil pollution. contamination is underreported compared to real conditions. >> reporter: some places get more attention than others. the shanghai government is paying for soil cleansing project at the future side of mainland china's first disney resort. it is scheduled to open at the end of 2015.
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there used to be a chemical factory and a printing plant here. when they closed, they left their soil poisoned with heavy metals and other substances. but this kind of pollution damage is providing opportunities for some companies. a major environmental trade show was held in shanghai in may. about 1,000 businesses from china took part. one industry source predicts that the chinese market for cleaning contaminated sites will grow to an annual $20 billion by 2020. this man represents a japanese/chinese soil treatment venture. he said their competition is already heating up. he believes the field will expand rapidly with many opportunities for japanese know
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how. >> translator: there's no time like now to pitch our technologies and achievements to prospective customers. >> reporter: chinese people are becoming increasingly concerned about the health effects of environmental damage. companies are seeing the benefits of helping to clean up pollution. >> populous, prosperous, pushing ahead. china's rise brought it wealth, power and problems. pollution threatens their health and difference over territory strain relations with its neighbors. find out the challenges china faces on "newsline."
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construction teams in okinawa are getting ready to but -- build a u.s. marine corps base after years of protests. but questions are being raised about the project's viability. the development could threaten an endangered species. >> reporter: futenma air station has been a key base for u.s. forces in japan for decades. it's located in a central part of okinawa's main island. but people living nearby have been pushing for it to be moved. they say there is a constant roar of aircraft. and crimes by u.s. servicemen have fuelled their anger. leaders in japan and the u.s. agreed to redraw the map of american military facilities in japan. they announced a plan to move the base to the less-populated coastal area of henoko. but that plan has proven controversial.
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it requires construction teams to reclaim land and some people have expressed concern about how that might affect the environment. at the center of the debate are endangered marine ma malls called dugong. they have been spotted in the area on many occasions. defense ministry officials claimed the project would have only a limited impact on the local ecosystem, including the dugong. they press the okinawa governor, hirokazu nakaima, to approve the project. and late last year, he did, with the provision to ensure that the project won't effect animals living in the area. nakaima gave the green light to start building the base after years of debate.
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but big questions remain about the impact it will have on the environment. a conservation group held a news conference wednesday in tokyo. the chairman of the nature conservation society of japan says they have found evidence of the endangered mammal. he says a survey in the spring turned up more than 110 new bite marks on sea plants in the area. >> translator: we can see how this coastal area is beneficial for dugong's lives. the government should conduct more research. >> reporter: after the animals feed a unique mark is left behind on the sea plants. members of the group say that the dugong's marks have been detected over the years and have been increasing since may. they say this shows henoko's coastal area must be a feeding ground for the animal.
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the group is going to call for the government to scrub the project and reinvestigate the area. central government officials are planning to conduct a coastal drilling survey soon before starting work to reclaim the land of henoko. time for a check now on the weather around the world including the storm neoguri. here's mai shoji once again. >> the rain clouds are blanketing over the whole country here of japan. severe tropical storm neoguri is now feeding ample moisture to the rainy season band over tohoku. kochi has seen 70 millimeters in an hour. but as the storm passes it is also feeding the warmth from the tropics and creating heat waves across the korean peninsula and that will be moving to the west.
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for the next few days in the kanto prefecture we are likely to see a heat wave starting the weekend. 33 degrees is your high on saturday in tokyo. please watch out for heatstroke throughout your weekend. if you have outdoor plans it may be a good idea to rearrange your plans. the high pressure system dominates northern china as well. and to the south, additional rainfall could trigger further flooding, 130 millimeter of more prescripti precipitation to be found there. and the southwest monsoonal flow is active across the philippines. now to the americas where a couple of tornados have touched down over new york state yesterday killing several people. that system is now pulling away to the eastern shore and it is going to be -- the high pressure system will be dominating that. but the tail end of this cold front will be lingering here.
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the gulf states will be looking at severe thunderstorms. the central plains will also look at scattered patches of thunderstorms into the next 24 and still the four corners will see flash flood watch for the precipitation is nowhere in and sight. in and around las vegas, 40 degrees, boise at 36 degrees. really high temperatures will be dominating much of the west. here across europe, central locations still looking very messy with a couple of low pressure systems and wet and windy conditions moving to the british isles. here are your temperatures across the central locations with rain moving in into your saturday. so flooding is going to be a high risk. and to the north, a high pressure system will dominate. this is an area we have to watch out for heat exhaustion. i'll leave you now for your extended forecast.
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that's all for now on this
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edition of "newsline." i'm yuko aotani in tokyo. thank you very much for joining us.
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